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words by falootin
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second chances : the premise 
15th-Jun-2010 07:46 pm
second chances  is collection of slice-of-life stories about growing up. It follows the intertwined lives of a group of characters who go their separate ways after high school only to find themselves drawn back to the people they thought they'd left behind.

 Mike opted to stay in town while the rest of his friends took off for college. He thought a year of laying low and waiting tables might help him get his head together, but all he's managed to do is a) get back together with his on-and-off boyfriend of the last three years (whoops?) and b) sink deeper into depression. Then life throws him a bone: one of his closest friends from high school is looking to reconnect. Rayn's been going to college up north and suggests Mike come up and live with him for a change of scenery. Mike hopes they'll finally have the chance to finish what they started before Rayn had to leave—but only after he moves to the city does he starts to feel like they might've got their signals crossed...

Meanwhile, in the same city, Levee's having a pretty good time as a college freshman, but can't seem to shake her feelings for a certain someone she dated for oh, three weeks as a high school sophomore. And that's really getting irritating. She's a take-action kind of gal, so when the opportunity presents itself, she hops a train back home to find Tony who, as it turns out, is thrilled to see her too. It seems like life could be sunshine and roses if not for the whole long distance thing, but when Levee convinces Tony to move up and move in with her and her housemates things get a bit more...complicated.

For Mike's post-high-school story, start here. And here, for Levee's. Though these are the main storylines, there are also plenty of pieces about the cast during high school. Hey, origins can be important. To help keep track of all the characters, there are some mini-bios and this character map which shows where everyone stood in high school. There are plenty of gaps in the story at the moment, so if something's confusing, don't hesitate to ask about it :)
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