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Don't Be Fooled By This
pieces of my nanowrimo project from 2009, locked to runaway_tales

After screwing up on the east coast, grifter Alan Raley jumps bail and heads for Reno with his younger partner, Ishida. A series of coincidences leads the duo to Eva, a young woman posing as a prostitute, who Raley's convinced would make a great addition their team. His partner disagrees, but the more pressing problem is Vivian Peel, a phony P.I. who has followed them to the city and seems convinced Raley's hiding a large sum of money that is rightfully hers. But when Peel's plan to find an in through the new girl takes a turn for the ugly, it changes the terms of the game: it's not about the money anymore, it's about loyalty and revenge.

"Sugar & Spice"
 : Eva's business meeting doesn't go well.
"Song & Dance"
: Eva rips off a john.
"Supply & Demand" : Raley and Ishida arrive in Reno.
"Flagitious" : Vivian, running her own con, has a chance meeting with Oliver.
"Insecurity" : Scene from Rock's hotel room.
"High & Dry": Ishida and Raley need money.
"Fire & Ice" : Rock interviews with Vivian.

"The Birds & The Bees" : Eva and Raley break the rules.
"Rise & Shine" : Eva, morning after.
"Pride & Joy" : Raley wants to talk; Ishida would rather play with his guns.
"Confusion" : Rock tries to deal with working for Vivian.
"Trial & Error" : Raley wants Ishida and Eva to get along.
"Caution":  Vivian corners Eva outside a gas station.
"Forgive & Forget" : Vivian catches up with Raley.
"Change of Plans" : Eva and Raley discuss the state of things.

"Here & Now"
: Eva deals with an injured Oliver.

NSFW! ART : "Feast or Famine" : Raley and Eva. Nudity/Sexuality. NSFW!

The Drama You've Been Craving
Pieces relating to my new canon/novel from 2011. Basically a story about three high school girls in a sort of love triangle and where that leads them.

Brats : Ruby and Vic as children.
Treats : Ruby and Tonya as children.
Box : Alice feels trapped.
Chicken : Vic at work.
Painting : Alice and Michelle in class.
Costume : Alice and Ruby dress up.

And here's a drawing of the main characters.

"fanfics" for stories from runaway_tales

Mojo Risin'
Kairn gets whammied. Sethan lends a hand! This is the most PG summary I can give you.  For shayna611 's Knights universe. Explicit.

Bound & Gagged
"I'm tired of being here," she said. "Of being nice." She gave the ribbon a final, hard yank. "I wanted to have some fun." Somewhat cracky Reida/Kairn for shayna611's Knights universe. Adult.

Out of My Hands
Sometimes he's afraid the memory of that night is fading like it wants to leave him and make him move on. Sasha/Sergei and Sergei's gun. For kusarinokokoro's ROTOS universe.

Wine and Roses
He'd left it on the bed, neatly folded in the box between layers of tissue. Ros/Del. Explicit. For slysionnachnano's Sub Rosa universe.

Mind Your Manners
The Deadfayths play a game of Clue. For slysionnachnano's Spectrum universe.

Young necromancer slash (it's tame). Sethan/Kairn. For shayna611's Knights universe.

Other Fiction

Up Close, Impersonal

Original fiction. Girl meets boy. Boy punches girl in the face. A comedy. 341 words.

Incubus Ex : @genrechallenge / @hi_falootin
Austin's sister goes off to college and leaves her incubus boyfriend behind.  2260 words. Locked to journal and community.

Something Permanent: @genrechallenge / @hi_falootin
A stab at chick-lit. 1271 words. Locked to journal and community.

A spin on an old myth.  Locked to journal.

Untitled Serial Killer AU
Technically an AU of my Dee and Jason stories, but so AU it feels wrong to archive with the others. Violence, incest, underage and implied rape.

Wrong Number : A short peek at my still-in-progress Homecoming novel. For a runaway_tales ice-breaker, locked to the comm.
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