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second chances: characters

some of the gang

Rounding up the usual suspects from Second Chances.
So far, we've met...

: Our reluctant protagonist. He considers himself a very average guy and prefers to fade into the background when he can. Too often, in fact, he see himself as less than adequate and wonders if he even deserves to go to college, get a better job, have a boyfriend who isn't a flake or a jerk, etc. But he's working on that. He's also working on his tendency to take life too seriously...

DARCY LANE : Basically the most awesome friend you could ask for. She's full of energy and enthusiasm and always up for an adventure. In high school she was known for things like making and overplaying mix CDs, bad skateboarding, and dying her hair green. She can seem a bit out-there at times, but she's fiercely loyal and usually able to look on (and point out) the bright side.

LONNIE PAXTON : Mike's on-and-off boyfriend of three years who has trouble taking anything serously. His family is disgustingly wealthy.

LEVEE JORDAN : The hero of her own story! She does her own thing and with few exceptions, doesn't care what anyone thinks. She's a writer with a bit of an ego about her writing and she goes through life with a certain level of confidence. She can come off as a prickly and won't hesitate to stir up drama if she thinks she has something to gain from it. When it comes to love, though, she's particularly good at self-sabotage.

TONY PARISE : Levee's one-time boyfriend and everyone's buddy. Both a goof-ball and a surprisingly skilled musician. Usually well-intentioned, but tends to be somewhat clueless to what's going on around him.

RAYN SILINO : A close friend to both Mike and Darcy and, for the most part, a nice, easy-going guy. He's bright, likable, and he actively tries to be a good person, though he has some rough stuff in his past that tends to color his world-view. He feels a lot of pressure to succeed from his family, especially as a first-generation college student, but he's still able to cut loose and have a good time.

SIMON GAMMA : Rayn's best friend and roommate from college. Quirky and spontaneous, he tends to keep things exciting. But he's not the easiest person to live with.

and also...

HEIDI DUPONT : A sassy figure model.

ROY GOLDMAN : Mike's fashionable friend.

ROSIE : Levee's matter-of-fact college roommate and BFF.

AMBER : Levee and Rosie's housemate, a vegan.

NATHAN : An art student.

TRISH : Rayn's college friend, who tends to be serious.

CALLIE : A Fro-Yo-a-Go-Go employee/college girl.

KATHY : A very grumpy waitress.

TINA SILINO : Rayn's younger sister.

WREN PARK : A girl drummer.

CHARLI : A cool queer-coffee-shop barista.

JACK : Rayn's high-school friend, a so-so guitarist.

BRIE : Levee's high-school friend, a drama-club loving artist.

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