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Dee and Jason : Table of Contents

Dee and Jason
introduction and characters
"Jason and Dee are brother and sister. Their (white) father claims to be a Shaman, and travels around the country performing rituals for money. He also claims to talk to their dead mother's ghost. Dee thinks this is awesome, but Jason's more skeptical. They accompanied their father on the road when they were younger, but he wanted Dee to finish high school in one place, so they wound up in the desert town of Painted Valley staying with their aunt, Christine."
The stories listed below occur in chronological order, though there are big gaps of time that are unaccounted for (I'm working on filling out the story). Most are from Jason's POV or in 3rd person, unless otherwise noted. It really isn't necessary to read them in the order listed; I just wanted a way to organize things. I would recommend reading some of these before you read the backstory though.

**Starred** stories are my favorites, so if you're wondering what to read, read those!

on the road
before you could sleep
fish hook
you can't just add them up*
wolf country*

painted valley
get there safely
makes the world go round
ode to high school gym
susannah, don't you cry*
meet the wolf boy I
meet the wolf boy II
the weed-whacker story
war games
girl things (Dee's POV)
don't say a word
dearest, you're the nearest to my heart*
kiss the girl

the future
bunny ranch* (Malila's POV)

a drawing of Dee
Christine and Jason


These are stories about Dee and Jason's parents (Jake and Melody) and their aunt, Christine, and take place either before the main characters were born (parent-era) or when they were very young (bridge).

painted valley, parent-era

this town was cool for one night*
halloween special*
untitled (appearances)
untitled III (cake)

untitled II (home front)
spirit quest
we're okay

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