second chances : the premise

second chances  is collection of slice-of-life stories about growing up. It follows the intertwined lives of a group of characters who go their separate ways after high school only to find themselves drawn back to the people they thought they'd left behind.

 Mike opted to stay in town while the rest of his friends took off for college. He thought a year of laying low and waiting tables might help him get his head together, but all he's managed to do is a) get back together with his on-and-off boyfriend of the last three years (whoops?) and b) sink deeper into depression. Then life throws him a bone: one of his closest friends from high school is looking to reconnect. Rayn's been going to college up north and suggests Mike come up and live with him for a change of scenery. Mike hopes they'll finally have the chance to finish what they started before Rayn had to leave—but only after he moves to the city does he starts to feel like they might've got their signals crossed...

Meanwhile, in the same city, Levee's having a pretty good time as a college freshman, but can't seem to shake her feelings for a certain someone she dated for oh, three weeks as a high school sophomore. And that's really getting irritating. She's a take-action kind of gal, so when the opportunity presents itself, she hops a train back home to find Tony who, as it turns out, is thrilled to see her too. It seems like life could be sunshine and roses if not for the whole long distance thing, but when Levee convinces Tony to move up and move in with her and her housemates things get a bit more...complicated.

For Mike's post-high-school story, start here. And here, for Levee's. Though these are the main storylines, there are also plenty of pieces about the cast during high school. Hey, origins can be important. To help keep track of all the characters, there are some mini-bios and this character map which shows where everyone stood in high school. There are plenty of gaps in the story at the moment, so if something's confusing, don't hesitate to ask about it :)

second chances: chrono index

parent generation
Emotional Rescue : Anna and Sandy (Rayn's parents). 2255 words.
The Fighter : Sandy, Ignacio and Anna. 1257 words.
Worth it : Sandy, etc. 1180 words.
Honeymoon : Sandy and Anna. 691 words.

Blurry Donuts : Jim (Mike's father) and family. 531 words.
For the Rest of Your Life : Jim, Carol and family. 3228 words.

C&C: Serve: Mike, pre-story. 100 words.

Locked Out : Rayn and Tina, pre-story. 308 words.
Keep Away : Rayn and parents. 100 words.
Impedimenta : Anna. 831 words.
By Your Side : Anna and Dinah. 1397 words.
Slummin' : Rayn and family, pre-story. 285 words.
The Drug Dealing Story : Rayn, pre-story. 1039 words.

Shadow Watch : Darcy and Levee, pre-story. 377 words.
Valentines 1999 : Darcy (and Levee), pre-story. 100 words.

No Such Thing : Lonnie, pre-story. 644 words.
Wakes and Parties : Lonnie, pre-story. 1289 words.

The Organizer : Darcy's mom and other parents. ~900 words.
The Middle School Story : Rayn, Mike and Darcy. 1313 words.
C&C: Offer : Rayn and Mike. 100 words.
Smoothies and Bullies : Rayn, Mike and Darcy. 1077 words.

In Case of Emergency : Roy, pre-story. 2379 words.
Find a Cure for my Life : Heidi, pre-story. 1210 words.
Bones : Heidi, pre-story. 265 words.
Something about Ava : Nathan and Ava, pre-story. 629 words.

main chronology
Do the Right Thing : Rayn. 100 words.
Right Thing Revisted : Rayn. 100 words.
C&C Throw : Tina and Rayn. 100 words.
Face Paint : Tina and Rayn. 162 words.
Equipment : Jack and Rayn. 640 words.

Zero Tolerance : Levee at Catholic school. 1130 words.
Snitches Get Stitches : Levee and family. 927 words.
Do We Need a New Hangout? : Darcy and Mike. 843 words.
Everyone Can Ollie : Darcy and Rayn. 265 words.
C&C: Fall : Darcy and Mike. 100 words.
I Just Wanna Have Something to Do : Darcy and Jill. 2250 words.
Racks : Darcy, Levee and Jill. 1521 words.
It's Not a Scheme : Darcy and Levee. 1178 words.

Homework : Rayn and Tina. 624 words.
Your Anti-Drug : Levee and Derek. 1242 words.
C&C: Reach : Darcy. 100 words.
Ailurophobia : Darcy, Mike and Paul the cat. 826 words.
No Return : Mike and Lonnie. 526 words.
Memorbilia : Mike and Lonnie. 736 words.
Fifty Tacos : Mike and Lonnie. 361 words.
Tarry : Mike and Lonnie. 861 words.
C&C Laugh : Mike and Lonnie. 100 words.
Fuel Lines : Mike and Lonnie. 732 words.
Coming Out? : Mike and his father.
Movie Night Hits a Snag: Darcy and Lonnie. 592 words.
C&C: Cry : Darcy, Mike and Lonnie. 100 words.
Crayon Story : Mike and Lonnie, art by Lonnie. 1325 words.

This Day Has Been Crazy : Ensemble. 7900 words.
A video recap of This Day Has Been Crazy. With matthewbowers !
Celebrity : Tony, Rayn and Wren. 1556 words.

that whole darcy/rayn thing
Near Miss : Darcy and Rayn. 682 words.
Patio Scene : Darcy and Rayn. 1933 words.
C&C: Run : Darcy. 100 words.
Pull : Darcy and Rayn. 1583 words.
C&C: Climb : Darcy and Rayn. 100 words.
Tim, wish you were born a girl: Darcy, Tony, Levee, etc. 266 words.
Look Alikes : Darcy and Mike. 458 words.
Quidnunc : Mike, Darcy and Levee. 565 words.
Stormy : Darcy, Levee and Mike. 1418 words.
Buss : Darcy and Rayn. 557 words.
It's all about... : Darcy and Jill. 1699 words.
Being Mean : Darcy, Mike and Levee. 779 words.

Woodwinds : Tony, Levee, and Mike. 591 words.
C&C: Hide : Tony and Levee. 100 words.
Spidey-Style : Tony and Levee. 439 words.
Open Mic Night (1/2) : Mike, Lonnie, Rayn, etc. 1588 words.
Open Mic Night (2/2) : Rayn, Charli and Mike. 594 words.
Hugs!: Levee, Brie and Darcy. 100 words.
Deep Thoughts : Mike and Lonnie. 387 words.
Speed : Mike and Lonnie. 656 words.
Mr. Reliable : Rayn and Brie. 1208 words.
Pressure Valve : Rayn. 985 words.

In the Back Seat : Mike, etc. 497 words.
Care : Mike and his father. 1261 words.
Hide and Seek : Mike and Lonnie. 100 words.
For Your Birthday : Mike and Lonnie. 561 words.
Personal Statement: Mike, and Rayn's admissions essay. 1229/953 words.

"Second Chances Christmas Special"
~12,400 words.
This was what you did on Christmas if you didn't have a damn to give.
Mike tries to survive the holidays alone.
one . two . three . four . five . six . seven . eight . nine
ten . eleven . twelve . thirteen . fourteen . fifteen
Bonus story: Gifts : Ensemble, with their families. 2614 words.

Hang Over : Lonnie and Mike. 1369 words.
Candy Grams : Mike and Darcy. 78 words.
Leftover Chocolates : Lonnie and Mike. 902 words.
Liar, Liar : Mike and Rayn. 830 words.
Knee-Deep : Rayn, Charli, Tony etc (the band). 268 words.
Imaginary Menageries : Mike and Rayn. 830 words.
Surprise (Type A) : Mike and Rayn. 3618 words.

rodeo summer
Welcome to Wyoming : Mike, his father, Jerry etc. 1940 words.
How You Learn : Mike, Jerry, etc. 1619 words.
Boredom : Mike etc. 720 words.
Do You Dare Me? : Mike, Jerry, Susie, etc. 1560 words.
Moves : Mike and Arnold. 100 words.
C&C Slip : Mike and Jerry. 100 words.
Homesick : Mike and his father.
Voicemail : Mike and Lonnie (sort of). 590 words.
Not That Bad : Mike and Jerry. 1800 words.
Noctivagants : Mike, Susie and Jerry. 1163 words.
Noctivagants II : Mike, Susie and Jerry. 4175 words.
Rodeo Roadtrip : Darcy and Rayn. 1383 words.
Western Wearhouse : Darcy and Rayn. 1092 words.
Surprise (Type B) : Mike, Darcy and Rayn. 1055 words.
Early Morning : Mike and Rayn. 1288 words.
Pass On The Right : Mike and Rayn. 1260 words.
Snapshot : A poem. 78 words.
Get your Country Music On!: A one panel comic.
C&C: Chase : Mike and Susie. 100 words.

Goodbye, Take Two : Rayn and Mike. 511 words.
About That Letter... : Mike, mainly. 2605 words
Nephew : Charli and sister. 1425 words.

Self Esteem : Mike and Lonnie. They just saw Amélie.
On Cheating (bonus comic) : Mike and Lonnie. Scene mentioned in the Christmas Special.
Determination : Tony and the band.

Rayn & Simon: Act One : 2676 words.
Ethnic Ambiguity : Rayn, Trish and Simon. 142 words.
Hella : Simon and Rayn. 232 words.
Ytpo : Rayn and Max. 202 words.
No Wrong Decisions : Rayn and Simon. 673 words.
Tattoo Too : Rayn and Simon. 100 words.
C&C: Push : Simon, Trish and Rayn. 100 words.
Fight Test : Rayn and Simon. 1192 words.
Paranoia : Rayn and Simon. 1718 words.
Special Tea: Rayn, Simon and Trish. 1090 words.
C&C: Grow : Rayn and Simon. 100 words.
Visiting : Rayn and his family. 901 words.
C&C: Lean : Rayn and Simon. 100 words.
Your Anthropology : Rayn and Simon. 1578 words.
Oh, Warhammer! : Rayn and Simon. 662 words.

Second Best : Levee and Brie. 1157 words.
This is Your Game, This is your Life : Mike's life, like a video game. 1475 words.
Reunion Tour : Darcy, Jill, etc. 2300 words.
Nostalgia : Darcy and Mike before prom. 1138 words.
Snapshot : Levee and prom. 610 words.
C&C: Smile : Levee and Derek. 100 words.

Trip: Tavern : Tony, Charli and Wren. 2200 words.
Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying : Mike, Darcy, and Lonnie. 1609 words.
(Missing Scene) : From the above story. Mike/Lonnie. Explicit. 1749 words.
You Could Either Be Successful or Be Us : Mike, Kathy, and Tony. 1733 words.
Forks and Napkins : Mike and Kathy. 384 words.
Kitchen Talk : Mike and his father. 1295 words.
Closing Time : Mike and Kathy. 397 words.
Chatting : Mike and Darcy (via IM). 721 words.
Turning Point : Mike and Lonnie. 765 words.
Get Over It : Lonnie. 1549 words.
Diner Showdown 1 / 2 / 3 : Mike, Lonnie and Kathy. 513/825/1093 words.
Reststop : A poem. 95 words.

In or Out? : Levee and Rosie. 997 words.
Do you Party? : Levee, Rosie, etc. 1344 words.
In for a Penny : Levee/some guy. adultish. 1650 words.
Surprises : Levee and Rosie. 1333 words.
Good Girls Don't : Levee and Tony. 1128 words.
New and Familiar : Levee/Tony. 1072 words.
Ice Cream : Levee and Tony. 933 words.
Soft Opens : Levee (and family). 480 words.
C&C: Call : Levee. 100 words.

Never? : Darcy/David. 99 words. Adult.
Let Me Show you My Diagrams : Darcy summarizes things for David. 1604 words.

Spidertainment : Mike and Rayn. 400 words.
Flat Tire : Mike and Rayn. 689 words.
Employment and Haircuts : Mike and Rayn. 785 words.
A Lot for a Weekday: Mike, Rayn, Trish and Simon. 1192 words.
Good Morning! : Mike and Heidi. 1247 words.
C&C: Break : Roy etc. 100 words.
C&C: Hold : Heidi. 100 words.
C&C: Strike : Mike and Heidi. 100 words.
So, can you hear me? : Mike, Roy and Rayn. 640 words.
Where This Started : Mike and Nathan. 1095 words.
Leonardo Leads, Donatello Does Machines : Mike and Nathan. 439 words.
What not to Wear : Mike and Roy. 1067 words.
Queer Eyed : Mike, Roy, Heidi and Rayn. 1132 words.
Never Say Never : Heidi and Simon, etc. 2428 words.
C&C: Settle : Simon and Heidi. 100 words.
C&C: Catch : Simon/Heidi. Explicit. 100 words.
C&C: Open : Simon and Heidi. 100 words.
C&C: Play : Simon and Rayn. 100 words.
What Kind of Lover am I : Ensemble, Mike/Nathan and Simon/Heidi. 5123 words.
Friendly Competition : Mike and Nathan, adultish. 139 words.
The Spatula Story : Nathan/Mike, explicit. 1431 words.
C&C: Cover : Mike and Heidi. 100 words.
Helpful : Mike and Nathan. 100 words.
Iconoclasm : Mike and Nathan. 1147 words.
The Heidi-Effect : Roy, Heidi, Mike, Rayn etc. 1375 words.
C&C: Shake : Mike, Rayn and Roy, sort of. 100 words.
The Mouse : Roy, etc. 2222 words.
Safety : Roy and Stan. 600 words.
Hiccups : Roy, Mike and Rayn. 1003 words.
C&C: Dream : Simon and Rayn. 100 words.
Mystery Girl : Mike, Nathan and ??. 929 words.
C&C: Wait : Mike and Nathan. 100 words.
Sneakers : Mike and shoes. 500 words.
There Is Only One Bed Mike and Rayn. 1390 words.
Shaken : Mike and Roy. 640 words.
Birthday : Mike and his father. 1228 words.

Let's Get Personal : Mike and Roy. 994 words.
Gee-off : Mike and Rayn. 100 words.

There's a War Going On : Rayn, Mike, Simon. 1019 words.
I Wanna Take You To a Gay Bar : Simon, Heidi, Mike, Roy and Rayn. 836 words.
Q&A (or, the Newlywed Game) : Simon, Heidi, Mike and Rayn. 1390 words.
I Didn't Read It : Rayn, 206 words.
Don't Even Look Me Straight On : Mike and Rayn, 936 words.
C&C: Spin : Mike and Rayn. 100 words.
Trash Cat : Mike and Rayn. 293 words.

Instant Breakfast : Levee, Rosie and Amber. 606 words.
Sharing : Levee and Tony. 437 words.
Quiet as a... : Levee, Tony, Rosie and Amber. 1008 words.
Chestnuts : Levee, Tony, Amber and Rosie. 2000 words.
Mall Day: Levee, Tony, Mike and Rayn. 2250 words.
Blue Christmas : Levee and family, Tony. 2272 words.

Faking it : Levee etc. 606 words.
Foul Weather : Mike and Levee. 1184 words.
Trust Issues : Levee and Mike. 100 words.
Yours is Better : Levee and Tony. 100 words.

Rayn is not that cool : Shortly after arriving at Hollard college.
Toothpaste : Life with Rayn and Simon.
Typo : Roy, Mike and Rayn.
Nantucket : Mike, Roy, Heidi and Rayn.
Straight Answer: More Rayn and Simon.
Microwave : Life with Mike and Rayn. (Minimum effort comic :/)

out of order
Again & Again : Mike and Lonnie's break-ups (and get-back-togethers) over the years. 569 words.
Routines (ASW prompts) : Microfiction with A Softer World comics.
Lucky Bandanna : A canon story, but it spans from before the birth of the MCs to much later in the story. ~1000 words.
Time & Tide : Mike and Darcy's friendship, also spans canon. 5524 words.
Sink or Swim : Rayn, up through high school. 1400 words.
Color Swatches : Pieces of Roy's life. 1400 words.
this was never your song : A free-verse poem. 128 words.
Ashore/Apology : A song. 225 words.
Decisions, Decisions : Mike and Rayn (future-ish). 306 words.
The Owl : A story about Levee's mom, as told by Levee. 608 words.

New Year's Eve : Darcy/Simon, future-ish. 2006 words. Explicit.

Bakery Binge : Levee's wedding (future-ish). 375 words.
Make a Wish : Levee's wedding (future-ish). 339 words.
Stealing St. Catherine : Levee meets Dee (future). 773 words.
C&C: Scream : Around the time of the above story, Levee. 100 words.

Phoenix : Further in the future. Mike, Zee, Lonnie and Alyssa. 2943 words.

alternate universe(s)
Zombie Valentine : A goofy, non-canon story. Darcy, Mike and Levee. 807 words.
THE ZOMBIES STRIKE AGAIN! : Zombies in the diner. Darcy, Lonnie, Mike and Kathy. 2162 words.
Genderswap Crack : Twisted. 2142 words.

Part One: Adventures in Solitude : Wherein Darcy and Mike are stranded on some remote moon. 1624 words.
Part Two: The Spirit of Giving : Wherein they get "rescued." Sort of. 1214 words.
Part Three: The End of Medicine : Wherein they find themselves on a pirate ship. 2676 words.
Part Four: The Bleeding Heart Show : Wherein Darcy has a plan to escape. Well, half a plan. 2789 words.

Darcy Lane, Hamburger Detective : A cozy mystery/detective story spoof starring Darcy and Mike as adults. 22k total.
Can't Buy Me Love : Lonnie buys a love potion over the internet. A Plausible AU. 3290 words.
Booty Call : Darcy/Simon. Could be canon?? 2948 words. Explicit.
Mike/Simon AU : About as canon as the zombies. 1712 words.
Mike/Simon AU Pt 2 : Follow up. 1090 words.
Potluck Picnic! : Contribution to a RaTs malt challenge, Roy and Simon join others' characters on a picnic. 813 words.
We Went to a Concert : A crossover collab with matthewbowers, early college-era.

second chances: characters

some of the gang

Rounding up the usual suspects from Second Chances.
So far, we've met...

: Our reluctant protagonist. He considers himself a very average guy and prefers to fade into the background when he can. Too often, in fact, he see himself as less than adequate and wonders if he even deserves to go to college, get a better job, have a boyfriend who isn't a flake or a jerk, etc. But he's working on that. He's also working on his tendency to take life too seriously...

DARCY LANE : Basically the most awesome friend you could ask for. She's full of energy and enthusiasm and always up for an adventure. In high school she was known for things like making and overplaying mix CDs, bad skateboarding, and dying her hair green. She can seem a bit out-there at times, but she's fiercely loyal and usually able to look on (and point out) the bright side.

LONNIE PAXTON : Mike's on-and-off boyfriend of three years who has trouble taking anything serously. His family is disgustingly wealthy.

LEVEE JORDAN : The hero of her own story! She does her own thing and with few exceptions, doesn't care what anyone thinks. She's a writer with a bit of an ego about her writing and she goes through life with a certain level of confidence. She can come off as a prickly and won't hesitate to stir up drama if she thinks she has something to gain from it. When it comes to love, though, she's particularly good at self-sabotage.

TONY PARISE : Levee's one-time boyfriend and everyone's buddy. Both a goof-ball and a surprisingly skilled musician. Usually well-intentioned, but tends to be somewhat clueless to what's going on around him.

RAYN SILINO : A close friend to both Mike and Darcy and, for the most part, a nice, easy-going guy. He's bright, likable, and he actively tries to be a good person, though he has some rough stuff in his past that tends to color his world-view. He feels a lot of pressure to succeed from his family, especially as a first-generation college student, but he's still able to cut loose and have a good time.

SIMON GAMMA : Rayn's best friend and roommate from college. Quirky and spontaneous, he tends to keep things exciting. But he's not the easiest person to live with.

and also...

HEIDI DUPONT : A sassy figure model.

ROY GOLDMAN : Mike's fashionable friend.

ROSIE : Levee's matter-of-fact college roommate and BFF.

AMBER : Levee and Rosie's housemate, a vegan.

NATHAN : An art student.

TRISH : Rayn's college friend, who tends to be serious.

CALLIE : A Fro-Yo-a-Go-Go employee/college girl.

KATHY : A very grumpy waitress.

TINA SILINO : Rayn's younger sister.

WREN PARK : A girl drummer.

CHARLI : A cool queer-coffee-shop barista.

JACK : Rayn's high-school friend, a so-so guitarist.

BRIE : Levee's high-school friend, a drama-club loving artist.

other fiction

Don't Be Fooled By This
pieces of my nanowrimo project from 2009, locked to runaway_tales

After screwing up on the east coast, grifter Alan Raley jumps bail and heads for Reno with his younger partner, Ishida. A series of coincidences leads the duo to Eva, a young woman posing as a prostitute, who Raley's convinced would make a great addition their team. His partner disagrees, but the more pressing problem is Vivian Peel, a phony P.I. who has followed them to the city and seems convinced Raley's hiding a large sum of money that is rightfully hers. But when Peel's plan to find an in through the new girl takes a turn for the ugly, it changes the terms of the game: it's not about the money anymore, it's about loyalty and revenge.

"Sugar & Spice"
 : Eva's business meeting doesn't go well.
"Song & Dance"
: Eva rips off a john.
"Supply & Demand" : Raley and Ishida arrive in Reno.
"Flagitious" : Vivian, running her own con, has a chance meeting with Oliver.
"Insecurity" : Scene from Rock's hotel room.
"High & Dry": Ishida and Raley need money.
"Fire & Ice" : Rock interviews with Vivian.

"The Birds & The Bees" : Eva and Raley break the rules.
"Rise & Shine" : Eva, morning after.
"Pride & Joy" : Raley wants to talk; Ishida would rather play with his guns.
"Confusion" : Rock tries to deal with working for Vivian.
"Trial & Error" : Raley wants Ishida and Eva to get along.
"Caution":  Vivian corners Eva outside a gas station.
"Forgive & Forget" : Vivian catches up with Raley.
"Change of Plans" : Eva and Raley discuss the state of things.

"Here & Now"
: Eva deals with an injured Oliver.

NSFW! ART : "Feast or Famine" : Raley and Eva. Nudity/Sexuality. NSFW!

The Drama You've Been Craving
Pieces relating to my new canon/novel from 2011. Basically a story about three high school girls in a sort of love triangle and where that leads them.

Brats : Ruby and Vic as children.
Treats : Ruby and Tonya as children.
Box : Alice feels trapped.
Chicken : Vic at work.
Painting : Alice and Michelle in class.
Costume : Alice and Ruby dress up.

And here's a drawing of the main characters.

"fanfics" for stories from runaway_tales

Mojo Risin'
Kairn gets whammied. Sethan lends a hand! This is the most PG summary I can give you.  For shayna611 's Knights universe. Explicit.

Bound & Gagged
"I'm tired of being here," she said. "Of being nice." She gave the ribbon a final, hard yank. "I wanted to have some fun." Somewhat cracky Reida/Kairn for shayna611's Knights universe. Adult.

Out of My Hands
Sometimes he's afraid the memory of that night is fading like it wants to leave him and make him move on. Sasha/Sergei and Sergei's gun. For kusarinokokoro's ROTOS universe.

Wine and Roses
He'd left it on the bed, neatly folded in the box between layers of tissue. Ros/Del. Explicit. For slysionnachnano's Sub Rosa universe.

Mind Your Manners
The Deadfayths play a game of Clue. For slysionnachnano's Spectrum universe.

Young necromancer slash (it's tame). Sethan/Kairn. For shayna611's Knights universe.

Other Fiction

Up Close, Impersonal

Original fiction. Girl meets boy. Boy punches girl in the face. A comedy. 341 words.

Incubus Ex : @genrechallenge / @hi_falootin
Austin's sister goes off to college and leaves her incubus boyfriend behind.  2260 words. Locked to journal and community.

Something Permanent: @genrechallenge / @hi_falootin
A stab at chick-lit. 1271 words. Locked to journal and community.

A spin on an old myth.  Locked to journal.

Untitled Serial Killer AU
Technically an AU of my Dee and Jason stories, but so AU it feels wrong to archive with the others. Violence, incest, underage and implied rape.

Wrong Number : A short peek at my still-in-progress Homecoming novel. For a runaway_tales ice-breaker, locked to the comm.

Dee and Jason : Table of Contents

Dee and Jason
introduction and characters
"Jason and Dee are brother and sister. Their (white) father claims to be a Shaman, and travels around the country performing rituals for money. He also claims to talk to their dead mother's ghost. Dee thinks this is awesome, but Jason's more skeptical. They accompanied their father on the road when they were younger, but he wanted Dee to finish high school in one place, so they wound up in the desert town of Painted Valley staying with their aunt, Christine."
The stories listed below occur in chronological order, though there are big gaps of time that are unaccounted for (I'm working on filling out the story). Most are from Jason's POV or in 3rd person, unless otherwise noted. It really isn't necessary to read them in the order listed; I just wanted a way to organize things. I would recommend reading some of these before you read the backstory though.

**Starred** stories are my favorites, so if you're wondering what to read, read those!

on the road
before you could sleep
fish hook
you can't just add them up*
wolf country*

painted valley
get there safely
makes the world go round
ode to high school gym
susannah, don't you cry*
meet the wolf boy I
meet the wolf boy II
the weed-whacker story
war games
girl things (Dee's POV)
don't say a word
dearest, you're the nearest to my heart*
kiss the girl

the future
bunny ranch* (Malila's POV)

a drawing of Dee
Christine and Jason


These are stories about Dee and Jason's parents (Jake and Melody) and their aunt, Christine, and take place either before the main characters were born (parent-era) or when they were very young (bridge).

painted valley, parent-era

this town was cool for one night*
halloween special*
untitled (appearances)
untitled III (cake)

untitled II (home front)
spirit quest
we're okay